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Athletics and fitness have been a lifelong pursuit for both of us, first as a hobby, then as a passion, and finally as a career. We are now fortunate enough as parents to be able to witness the same excitement in our son as he develops his athleticism. It has been our dream to offer a style of coaching and training that builds each individuals athletic prowess while focusing on the mind/body connection. It is our goal to offer an experience that meets each individual where they are physically and mentally at, and allows them to reach the goals that are important to them. Our focus is on the individual as a whole and recognizing each persons strengths, desires, limitations, and assess progress as it is pertinent to their specific set of goals. Our priority is to offer a safe and fun, non-judgemental, non-ego driven environment, that develops each individual at an appropriate level of progression as they achieve the goals important to them.
Denny Pondo Head Coach and Owner I've been in the fitness industry for 18 years. From personal training at Powerhouse Gym to managing Lifetime Fitness in Troy Michigan while running the largest Alpha Training program and Boot Camp in the country to owning my own gym. Throughout all of these years I've never thought of this as a job, because no job allows someone to do what I get do to do everyday, which is inspiring others to realize their full potential and achieve things they never thought possible. L1 CF, USAW, NPTI, NASM, Husband, Father, Owner of DMP Rochester Carpentry. Journeyman Carpenter.
Alayna Pondo Life Coach and Owner MA, wife, mom, therapist, life coach. As a lifelong athlete, competitive equestrian, competitive mountain biker, and all around fitness enthusiast, it is a passion to combine the mind/body aspect of athletics in an effort to inspire and guide individuals in the pursuit and achievement of their goals.

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