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Denny at Hy-Fit Athletics is a magnificent, extensively-experienced and highly-skilled trainer and coach, guiding everyone from tweens to seniors, and from people recovering from illness/injury/surgery to competitive athletes. Always eager to help, Denny takes the time to go over your personal goals and helps develop a plan to achieve them, often helping you to discover unseen potential in yourself. Denny and everyone who attends this gym have created an amazing atmosphere that makes it impossible to imagine working out anywhere else.

From Robin

Denny and his gym was a breath of fresh air. Denny’s programming is by-far the best I have experienced. He explains the rationale behind each week and all the progressions makes sense and build upon each other. Denny is like a symphony conductor with his programming, coaching and guidance. The improvements I have made in endurance, strength and technique have been huge in just a few months.

From Kevin

I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. I have belonged to many other gyms, all of which I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable to be in. I always felt I was being judged in these places. A friend introduced me to Michigan Hy Fit Athletics two and a half months ago. For the first time, I feel like I am in a place where I belong. I don't feel uncomfortable. It's a family friendly environment. I've met his beautiful wife, his son, his dog. All the people I work out with in the mornings are motivating and inspiring. We cheer each other on. Denny jumped right in with coaching me with fitness and my nutrition. He gave me a plan and he has pushed me, challenged me and has not given up on me. I went away for a week for a work trip and he gave me a workout to do every day. He will make himself available if I or anyone has questions about nutrition or fitness. This is the first person/gym I have worked with that I don't feel like a dollar sign or another number on his client roster. He sees me as a person, he and his wife both genuinely care about the people in their gym. If someone is looking for or missing that community/tribe/fit family vibe, then they need to come to Michigan Hy Fit Athletics