John Cook

Certified Personal Trainer
John Cook


I’ve Been A Certified Personal Trainer For Over 18 Years. In Those 18 Years, I’ve Met And Trained Some Very Remarkable Individuals Who Have Motivated Me To Expand My Education Because I Don’t Like Not Having The Answer. I Have My Master’s Degree In Exercise Science From Oakland University And My Bachelors In Kinesiology From Michigan State. I’m Currently A Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Cancer Survivorship Trainer, Strength And Conditioning Coach, And Certified Public Health Specialist. My Training Experience Is Diverse And I Owe It All To Of The Individuals Who I Have Trained Over The Years. I Have A Passion For Helping Others Develop Confidence In Themselves With Proper Exercise Programming, Discipline, And Straight Up Hard Work. My Fitness Goal Is To Do An Ironman, Marathon, Or Half Marathon In Every State. In Total, I’ve Covered 33 States With 2 Ironman’s, 6 Half Ironman’s, 13 Marathons, And Over 30 Half Marathons. That Being Said, I Started My Fitness Journey At 19 Years Old At 303 Lbs. And Passed Out On The Treadmill While Trying To Run A Full Mile. The First Step Of Your Fitness Journey Can Be Scary, But The Rest Will Lead You To Success. Just Keep Going.

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